Elections in cartoon, from the National Archives

By Clifford Berryman

In honor of the midterm elections tomorrow, I wanted to share a gem of a collection put together a few years ago on the National Archives website.  From a past exhibit at the Archives, this online exhibit is a collection of political cartoons by Clifford Berryman (1860-1949): http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/running-for-office/.  The website is ordered to theme and has a couple of special features, such as a brief bio about the artist and the ability to download and print his work (of course, there is also a printed book available).  Each theme has a handful of the cartoons and an explanatory blurb do usher you through Berryman’s political era.

Beginning the debate . . . (but not entirely understanding it!) . . .

Disconcerting consolation . . .

Election season courtship . . .

Working hard for their living at home and in D.C. . . .

Lame ducks (hoping their president will give 'em a place swim) . . .

Today, I tend to be biased toward The Week’s collection of cartoons each week–it is my favorite centerfold if it comes to that!  Visit their collection for current election discussion here: Cartoons – The Week, or if that isn’t what you’re in the mood for this election, go check out the Archives site and peruse the 50+ Berryman toons online!



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