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Immigration in NYC during the Ellis Island Era

First vlog!  (So, be patient as I learn the ropes, ok?)  This is based on a November, 2011, trip (Planning the Education Vacation or Extended Field Trip Using NYC as a Case Study).  You can view it  here or at the Brush off the dust! History now! YouTube page.

I wanted to also provide  the following recommendations for this subject and exploring it in NYC:

  1. The Lower East Side’s Tenement Museum
  2. The Museum of Jewish Heritage
  3. The Museum of Chinese in America
  4. The Statue of Liberty
  5. Ellis Island
  6. The New York Historical Society

(Follow them on Twitter, too!)


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#FF — Best historical NEW YORK CITY follows!!

In honor of our New York City trip, I’m putting out the best history related New York Twitter follows!

I point out that our trip will have something of an immigration bias in its focus–did I mention we homeschool?–so, may of my contributions, here, are reflective of that preparation!  Commence singing in your best Sinatra impression, “New York…”

1.  @NYHistory

Really wish we had the time this trip! It was awful walking past it and not being able to stop!

2.  @StatueLibrtyNPS

Great trip! The teenager was especially moved listening to the immigrants share their first sightings of Lady Liberty.

3.  @EllisIslandNPS

This is a good follow if you’re interested in Ellis Island and immigration news.

4.  @metmuseum

Frequently tweeting profiles of the pieces in their vast collection!!

5. @tenementmuseum

tenement museum
Even better than Ellis Island for current immigration policy discussions and urban life.

6. @nypl

NY Public Library
News about libraries and gems from the collection!

7.  @AFBurialGrndNPS

Great resource for history of slaves and their progeny in this country!

8. @mocamuseum

Great museum about the Chinese experience in America! Worth the trip, follow for related news.

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#FF recommendations: University Presses

As historians we need to know what’s going on in the academic world.  The university presses are often publishing those works…as you already know if you are in fact historians.  Obviously, this doesn’t replace a good academic review(!), but I enjoy getting the heads up with the tweets–not the only way to get a heads up, I know, but sometimes I catch a discount floating out there in the Twittersphere, too!

Today’s recommendations are all pretty obvious–but you know which presses cater more to your own historical interests.  Listed in no particular order (other than where I found them under my “following”) here are my #FF:

1. #FF @cambUP_History

History at Cambridge

2. #FF @OUPAcademic

Oxford Academic

3. #FF @Harvard_Press

Harvard Press

4. #FF @yalepress

Yale Press

5. #FF @JHUPress

JHU Press

6. #FF @PennPress

Penn Press

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New #FF (Follow Friday) posts

Fridays, I will be adding a new #FF (Follow Friday) post for Twitter.  Even if you are not on Twitter, many of my suggestions have websites and blogs that are worth checking out.  Today, focusing on art and history.  Enjoy!


1.  @alphaomegaarts  Tahlib

@Alphaomegaarts tweets for the Alpha Omega Arts site: a blog and as aggregation site for religious art from any sect.  Some great finds there!


2. @FolgerLibrary  Folger Library

@FolgerLibrary is the Twitter arm of the [Shakespeare] Folger Library in Washington DC.  Shakespeare fans unite!!  There are many great resources for instructors, students and drama lovers!  (Also, a great visit if you are in DC!)


3. @walters_museum  Walters Art Museum

@walters_museum is a great follow!  Tweets include Art of the Day–worth it for that alone!–blog posts, and exhibit or lecture updates.  The Walters Museum in Baltimore is a gem of a museum!  It has an impressive manuscript collection, a wide range of historical art going back to Mesopotamia, a great Byzantine and Medieval exhibits, and religious art from all over the world.  Also, it is a smaller more easily managed museum than the Met or the Smithsonian–though I nevertheless recommend that the makers of Night at the Museum look into it anyway!!  Easily accessible if you live in DC, MD, DE or East PA–and it’s free!


4. @wbdnewton  William Newton

@wbdnewton, William Newton’s Twitter handle, is also a religious art guy!  A Shiite Catholic, he blogs (and tweets) as much about religion and society as he does art, but (both of) his blogs are informed and authoritative commentaries on art.  (His Amy Winehouse post earlier this week was a nice, balanced tribute to the troubled artist.)



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