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Immigration in NYC during the Ellis Island Era

First vlog!  (So, be patient as I learn the ropes, ok?)  This is based on a November, 2011, trip (Planning the Education Vacation or Extended Field Trip Using NYC as a Case Study).  You can view it  here or at the Brush off the dust! History now! YouTube page.

I wanted to also provide  the following recommendations for this subject and exploring it in NYC:

  1. The Lower East Side’s Tenement Museum
  2. The Museum of Jewish Heritage
  3. The Museum of Chinese in America
  4. The Statue of Liberty
  5. Ellis Island
  6. The New York Historical Society

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Vlogs coming soon! Duck!

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Thanks to my responsibilities as writer-in-residence and PR captain of my Rotary club (that would be the BWI Rotary Club, ahem!), I have been initiated in the grand art of video-making.  On the whole, I find this incredibly appealing and enjoyable–it is writing, augmented by images and sound!  Now, I lack much of the advanced technology that many up and coming film producers have at their disposal, so we’ll take it a little bit at a time, but I hope to increase the number of videos in all categories.

If you want to skip the written blog–oh! but don’t do that!–I will have a new category called, “Vlogs,” and a “Brush off the Dust! History Now!” YouTube Channel.  The YouTube Channel is already set up, but no videos have been posted, yet.  These documentaries will vary greatly in length, I think, so be aware that some will cover a subject in greater depth.  Many of my first will likely link back to existing blog posts, though they may include updates or have footage that was not included in the original blog post.  Part of this is due to the available photographs I already have, many of which were not used in the blog posts for a variety of reasons, usually simply because of space.

What can you expect in the relative immediate vlog future?

  • A series of NYC flicks based on my trip there this past November
  • A Ft. McHenry flick–one of my first posts was on Ft. McHenry, but now it’s 2012!  We got some ‘membering to do!
  • Possibly a food flick or two–but we’ll have to see about that–looking at recreating and investigating history via food…yum
  • A flick on planning family trips for educational edification, or extended field trips school
  • Some local travel pieces centered on history themes
  • Hopefully some interviews
  • A piece on the American government and its policy relations with native tribes
  • Hopefully some videos on Spain based on the time spent there a couple of years ago

I am also open to suggestions or questions for investigation that people might like to see me pursue on the blog or in vlogs, so feel free to use the comment space below to throw out some suggestions.

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