About this blog

Hello!  My name is Erika Franz, and this is my website.

This blog is devoted to stories of history, culture, travel and food.  It is the written product of my love affair with the subject and the field.

It is named “Brush off the dust!  History now!” because I want to bring history into the present consciousness.  Curiosity, if nothing else, is a healthy characteristic.  I love the notion of hunting through ruins, museum basements and the attics of  World War II vets or old professors.  In some respects, that is exactly how I envision this website.

My blog entries now falls into two categories: 1) Historian’s Journal, with sub-categories of Word of the Week and Brush off the Dust Weekly Digest, and, 2) Experiencing History.

The Historian’s Journal will be a kind of catchall, including entries on research projects, relevant volunteer projects, news and reviews (museum exhibits, memorials, books, articles).  It will be the more frequent entry because it offers me the most freedom and fun.  It is a blog that will include the various interests of an antiquarian with few limits and lots of local flare.  My interests take me far afield with great vigor and enthusiasm!

The Experiencing History posts focus on learning and teaching in the field of history.  These can include some overlap with the reviews in the Historian’s Journal, but also recommendations on experiences, from food to music, and from activities to destinations.   My experiences, both teaching professionally (at multiple levels) and as a student, have led me to a strong commitment to hands-on exposure.  Whether you are an instructor, home-schooler or involved parent, these posts are great way to experience and share history.

I hope I provide much to cavort through and I encourage you to galumph away!  Cheers!

From the present through the past,

Erika Franz, M.A.

3 responses to “About this blog

  1. I love that you are soooooo awesome!
    P.S. I love you MOM!

  2. Belated thanks for mentioning Antiquariation,com in your weekly digest. I’ve posted a link to it on my blog:


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