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Academics vs. a beautiful Spring day

My college has an absurdly late Spring Break this year–this is in part due to Easter being late this year.  I am an adjunct I do not have an office, I am underpaid and I have no benefits.  (I’m not exactly complaining, but it helps to appreciate the context.)  We are all sitting in our classrooms totally burnt out!  Outside, today, was the quintessential perfect Spring day–after a handful of truly flawed attempts at Spring days–and, I was supposed to teach in windowless classrooms to students who are equally burnt out?

On the one hand, one could argue that this is the moment where you are tested as a teacher, can you take your students to the next level even though they have other things on their minds–which to be fair they always do, but right now more so–sure I could, except that I can’t muster the passion I normally have for my own subject when outside life is a Gerard Manley Hopkins poem after a long dragging winter!

I know students are paying good money to be educated, but I fully support the notion that sometimes class should be cancelled; a break should be had; a brain should be occupied by the elemental benefits of sun and green–even with pollen!–and scientifically-supported stimulation.  Won’t they perform better on their projects after a day with a little more of that and a little less of me in our dungeon classroom, anyway?  I could be wrong, here, but I venture to suggest that authorizing a rousing game of hookie was the best thing I did, today.  On another day, I will be forced to accept that nice as it is, we got to buckle down, but not today.  (Hey, maybe since I have already offered it, I can reason that buckling down later is only fair!)

Enjoy your day!

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