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New #FF (Follow Friday) posts

Fridays, I will be adding a new #FF (Follow Friday) post for Twitter.  Even if you are not on Twitter, many of my suggestions have websites and blogs that are worth checking out.  Today, focusing on art and history.  Enjoy!


1.  @alphaomegaarts  Tahlib

@Alphaomegaarts tweets for the Alpha Omega Arts site: a blog and as aggregation site for religious art from any sect.  Some great finds there!


2. @FolgerLibrary  Folger Library

@FolgerLibrary is the Twitter arm of the [Shakespeare] Folger Library in Washington DC.  Shakespeare fans unite!!  There are many great resources for instructors, students and drama lovers!  (Also, a great visit if you are in DC!)


3. @walters_museum  Walters Art Museum

@walters_museum is a great follow!  Tweets include Art of the Day–worth it for that alone!–blog posts, and exhibit or lecture updates.  The Walters Museum in Baltimore is a gem of a museum!  It has an impressive manuscript collection, a wide range of historical art going back to Mesopotamia, a great Byzantine and Medieval exhibits, and religious art from all over the world.  Also, it is a smaller more easily managed museum than the Met or the Smithsonian–though I nevertheless recommend that the makers of Night at the Museum look into it anyway!!  Easily accessible if you live in DC, MD, DE or East PA–and it’s free!


4. @wbdnewton  William Newton

@wbdnewton, William Newton’s Twitter handle, is also a religious art guy!  A Shiite Catholic, he blogs (and tweets) as much about religion and society as he does art, but (both of) his blogs are informed and authoritative commentaries on art.  (His Amy Winehouse post earlier this week was a nice, balanced tribute to the troubled artist.)




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