Can I get a printer? More minor struggles in book-editing


I want 8 x 11 1/2 paper, with 2 pages on the front (i.e. 1 and 2) and 2 pages on the back (i.e. 3 and 4). Why is this so hard?

I usually am fairly loyal to Office Depot, but they’re making me nuts for my book-editing.  I’m sorry, but I need to have my text on paper to edit.  Apparently, this is a huge problem–one that I could probably solve if they let me set the printer settings.  All I [frickin’!] want is print two-to-a-page, double-sided.  Two tries, two strikes.  As a child, I could never figure out if a three-attempt situation was more apt to be a strike-out or a charm.  Here’s hoping, I guess.

Attempt 1

My first attempt to print my first rough draft ended up being  a small enough problem–small being the operative word!  I shared that experience in a previous blog: Oh the little, little things! Minor struggles in book-editing. | Brush off the dust! History now!  Four pages were printed on one side, the back remained empty.  I was fine for most of the first three quarters of the tiny, tiny book.  Around that time I, discovered how much easier it was to delete “extraneous” material than to edit it.  A lot more material became “extraneous” than I would have first anticipated.

I was determined that this would not be repeated this time.  I monitored the situation.  I was ready to say, no I won’t accept that, but I should have known by how long it took them to “figure it out” that something was amiss.  I just didn’t pick up on the actual problem until I got home.

Attempt 2

Having edited my first draft, I was ready to print it and edit my second rough draft.  The first woman struggled, so she called her manager.  Somewhere several points of mis-communication must have ricocheted through the space between the three of us.  Before she called for help, the employee had reconfigured my document into two columns–not what I wanted.  But, the manager thought I wanted it printed as a book, and I did not make the calculation to figure out what this would mean for my page numbers.  I thought she had the right idea: four pages to a sheet of paper.  So close!  But, I wanted consecutive pages.  I wanted my document to go in sequential order so I could hole-punch it, put it in my binder and then edit the mo-fo!  Instead, she printed my document and folded it in half before handing it to me.  And, I still didn’t get it!

Needless to say, the current half sheets I have in my binder are stupid.  This will be obnoxious and a pain in my posterior.  Again.  I am trying to save a little money on my nearly 150-page manuscript and still stay on top of it to keep editing.  Office Depot is not helping.


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