Student affirms my life’s decisions

I am always driven to use my subject to maximize the value of all the skills history offers students (or, people).  In order to achieve this, I frequently build reflection on methodology into the course.  I just graded one student who has, in one paragraph, affirmed my life’s work:

“Historians are very important people that supply or lead us on to important information or even historical events. Without their documentation a lot of things that exists in our world today would just be a mystery. But unfortunately sometimes the information that we are left with isn’t quite enough for ordinary people to determine what it is or what it really means, this is why professional historian researchers are very important individuals. These historians obtain degrees in different types of history that help develop the ability to decipher dead languages or even draw more information out of something that others would not see.”

I’m a VIP.  My graduate studies have been affirmed.  My work, here, is done.

VIP text


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