Hey Erika! Remember that blog you write?!?

Why, yes, I remember I my beloved blog.  I haven’t really forgotten, despite appearances.  I’ve just been a bit busy.

Busy with what, you ask?  Well, there was the PBS gig I worked on–I wrote a couple of lesson plans and contributed to a game about the election process; keep your eyes open, because it will be up and running soon.  Then there is this awesome digital magazine, called Rohous, for which I am writing some pieces–hopefully, it will be a monthly gig.  Finally, I have decided to adjunct again this semester teaching History 101 at the Community College of Baltimore Campus–a position I took a mere week before my first class.

Then there is all the usual stuff I do…

BWI Rotary (I’m the secretary and everything-tech-person, as well as being the PR Committee Chair, and schedule all the speakers for our meetings) is in the midst of a major project to provide iPads to our area elementary schools that struggle with rising poverty rates (I’m talking kids who go to school to eat, never mind learn!) and increasing numbers of ESL students in the hopes of combating illiteracy so students don’t fall behind.  And, that’s in addition to the normal service projects and good works we do in our community.

Plus, there’s the homeschooling-mom-thing, which at minimum means I’m driving around, but since I also write a larger part of the kid’s curriculum, I do a lot of that kind of writing and compiling (while relying heavily on various resources–especially credible internet ones).  And, the driving, did I mention the driving?  Driving to archaeology, to the Walter’s Teen Arts Council, to the ice rink, to choir, to soccer, to 4-H (if I can’t get out of it), etc.

Finally, there’s the book… oh wait.  I haven’t touched the book I was supposed to finish (at least, the first draft) at all this summer.  *Sigh.*  …Not to mention all those other writing things I wanted to do.  Well, I’ll try to get back on that wagon.  I have a number of blog posts-in-waiting, that I hope to have up here just as soon as I can get them written.

Stay with me, folks!  Stay with me!

It will be ok… I’m just sure of it.



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2 responses to “Hey Erika! Remember that blog you write?!?

  1. Aaron

    I’m with ya! Busyness is a blessing, I’m happy for you.

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