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Our Universities: Why Are They Failing? Some (internet) dialogue

There is a great deal of fervor online in the academic blogosphere coming in response to this multi-book review  Our Universities: Why Are They Failing?, written by Anthony Grafton for The New York Review of Books.

The call came out from history professor and blogger Historiann, who responded to Grafton with Tony Grafton on the Higher Education Crisis and Your Turn to Talk Back and tagged some of her colleagues to respond.

(Note:  Be sure to follow the comment threads, as well!)

Answering the call:

The blog “Dr. Crazy” responded with The Epic Fail, or Failure as the Ultimate Four-Letter Word.

The blog “Notorious Ph. D.” responded with What’s the Matter with Higher Ed?.

The blog “Mictlantecuhtli” responded with For Historiann and Tony Grafton and Some Arithmetic.

The blog “More or Less Bunk” responded with It Takes Two to Tango.

The blog “Clio Bluestocking Tales” responded with The Nebulous Creature.

The blog “Teaching College-level Spanish, and other issues” responded with Reports from the Crisis in Higher Education from Middle America.

The blog “Ferule & Fescue” responded with Hope for the Humanities (part 1 of 2).  (We still await part 2 of 2.)

The blog “Roxie’s World” responded with The Care and Feeding of Adjuncts.  (This is was submitted by Roxie’s World when she learned she’d been tagged by Historiann, but is not directly a response to the call.)

The blog “An Open Letter by a Feminist” responded with The Universities Today.

The blog “jliedl.ca” responded with Talking ‘Bout My Institution.

The blog “Lance Manyon’s Musings” responded with The Crisis in Higher Ed.

The blog “Otto’s Random Thoughts” responded with Come to Africa (A Response to Tony Grafton): Part I and, further responding to comments, Response to an Old Friend.

Comments and further discussion is welcome.  I would also be interested in further posts that I have not included, as well as other points of view.

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