#FF recommendations: University Presses

As historians we need to know what’s going on in the academic world.  The university presses are often publishing those works…as you already know if you are in fact historians.  Obviously, this doesn’t replace a good academic review(!), but I enjoy getting the heads up with the tweets–not the only way to get a heads up, I know, but sometimes I catch a discount floating out there in the Twittersphere, too!

Today’s recommendations are all pretty obvious–but you know which presses cater more to your own historical interests.  Listed in no particular order (other than where I found them under my “following”) here are my #FF:

1. #FF @cambUP_History

History at Cambridge

2. #FF @OUPAcademic

Oxford Academic

3. #FF @Harvard_Press

Harvard Press

4. #FF @yalepress

Yale Press

5. #FF @JHUPress

JHU Press

6. #FF @PennPress

Penn Press


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