Collecting from the attic onto the web – Historypin

Wisconsin State Capitol

The name of this blog is based on the concept of exposing the past to the present, dusting it off and sharing it.  Sometimes, I share ways that one can do that.   Sometimes, I write about the past or review other presentations of the past for modern audiences.   Sometimes, I actually dust something off from the proverbial attic and share it.  As cool as I think my blog is, I have found someone who does what I aspire to do in a completely cool and techy way: Historypin (online at  See the “trailer” below.

This is a fantastic way to explore one’s neighborhood, city, state, country or vacation spots through time!  Additionally, there are incredible visuals for showing how a community has evolved over time, by actually embedding a picture into a Google street view (see the picture above).  There are endless possibilities with this kind of tool.  With a little preparation and computer connected to the web, one can create an instant lesson about a favorite lunch spot, neighborhood or travel destination.  Couple this with an older local’s narratives and you have some low-cost, local history lessons for your own backyard, or you have a great opportunity to create a dramatic back drop for your next destination.

Below, is walk through of what you can do with the program.  Check it out and please share your a) experiences on the site and b) creations on the site in the comment section below!


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