Brush off the Dust — Best of the Web, 9/12 – 9/16/2011

1. US government warns Cherokee nation not to exclude black freedmen

Seminole-Cherokee nation

Can the Cherokee nation turn away black descendants of Cherokee owned slaves?  The tribe says, yes, but the US government says, no.  Read more by clicking here.

2. Pablo Fanque’s Fair

Smithsonian blog, “Past Imperfect,” dredges up the origins of obscure lyrical references made by the Beetles in “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite.”  Who is this bizarre cast of characters?  Chick here to find out.

3. Q and A with Nick Stanhope, Creator of Historypin

Wisconsin State Capitol

Ever wonder about how the geography of our spaces and places evolves and changes over time?  If you haven’t, Historypin will get you thinking more about it.  The Smithsonian interviews the man behind the history pin-up.  To read it, click here.

4. Perry and the Ponzis

Rick Perry is not the first to call social security a Ponzi Scheme.  Stanley Kurtz shares a history of the application of that label for the program.  Read it by clicking here.

5.  1930s America’s Depression-Activist Paintings of Joe Jones 1909-1963

From the blog, “It’s About Time,” comes a post about the artwork of Depression-era, activist Joe Jones.  Included are images of farmland, protest and lynching.  To see more, click here.

6.  6-year-old finds rare fossil (via BoingBoing)

Armed with a plastic shovel!!

7. The Contrarian: History Predicts a Riot

'The Mob destroying & Setting Fire to the Kings Bench Prison & House of Correction in St George's Fields': a print made during the Gordon Riots, 1780

Tim Stanley argues that the recent riots in London were to be expected, par for the course, maybe even overdue!  Read about the riotous past time by clicking here.

8.  World’s First LEGO Greenhouse Unveiled at the London Design Festival

I’m not sure how much this advances us as a society, but loving LEGOs I think it’s kinda cool!  Check out the images of this novel “first” by clicking here.


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