Brush off the Dust – Best of the Web, 9/5-9/9/2011

1. Hatshepsut and the Turin Papyrus Map

This is a fun little blog post about one of ancient Egypt’s most famous (woman) pharaohs and one of the most interesting pieces of papyrus in our collected textual archives.  Check out the map–for this reason alone, it is a must read for maps-enthusiasts; it is believed to be the world’s oldest topo map–and what it shows about Hatshepsut by clicking here.


2. Ten years later: Handling 9/11 Commission records

Archivist Kristen Wilhelm shares her experience in handling the 9/11 Commission records both professionally and emotionally.  This is the blog of the National Archives’s publication Prologue.  The post is a short read but an interesting take on the ten years since that dark day; it is a perspective that is both very close to home for those who deal with the losses every day, but also more foreign from the perspective of an archivist.  Read it by clicking here.


3.  “The Warrior Ethos”

Compliments of  BookTV, author Steven Pressfield, retired Marine, shares his thoughts on the Warrior Ethos.  This talk, based on his book with the same name, was given to a military audience in Ft. Bragg, NC and is a understanding of the evolution of that ethos.  To view the program click here and follow the link in the left sidebar.


4.  A “Showdown” That Changed Football’s Racist History

This is an NPR review of a book about the Washington Redskins reluctance to desegregate: Thomas G. Smith’s Showdown: JFK and the Integration of the Washington Redskins.  Host Laura Sullivan interviewed the author about the showdown that finally broke down the wall.  By clicking here, you can get the write up of the program, the audio from the interview and a link to an excerpt from the book.


5. Gamification in the Social Studies

This blog post from the wonderful resource site, “History Tech,” is a great summary on quality ways to use computer games for learning achievement in the classroom.  For teachers and parents, this is a great way to get students into learning by simulating real experiences.  Read this post and GlennW’s other great posts by clicking here.


6. Sept. 11: Where were you?

The Baltimore Sun has an interactive map including stories from individuals explaining where they were on 9/11.  Even if this is not something you want to participate in directly, I want to urge folks to encourage young people to engage directly in the memorial opportunities.  This is a great way for a young person to sit down and read about that day and learn about it.  Visit the site by clicking here.  (I have a number of contributions on this subject published at this blog, as well.)


7. The Curious Case of the Poisoned Umbrella: The Murder of Georgi Markov

Dr. Kelly Hignett provides a great synopsis of one of arguably the most famous and gadgety murders in Cold War espionage.  Living up to our James Bond expectations of spy tech, this successful KGB assassination possessed all the attributes of our favorite spy-thrillers.  To read it click here.


8. Great Scott!  Marty McFly’s Air Mag Sneakers Are Real

And now, for a bit of whimsy!  Wired! reports on the latest and best incarnation of Nike’s Back to the Future gliding high-tops.  The internet has blown up with this news, but I’m partial to this report!  Check it out by clicking here.




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