Brush off the Dust Best of the Web – 8/29-9/2/11

1. The Exchange: Coco Chanel and the Nazi Party, The New Yorker, James McAuley


In this book review, McAuley considers the book Sleeping with the Enemy, Coco Chanel’s Secret War in an interview with the author.  Written by investigative journalist Hal Vaughan, the book project began in pursuit of another operative when Coco Chanel’s story became the focal point.  Read the interview by clicking here.

2. Company Man, The Caravan, Salil Tripathi

This is a great “long read” about the new owner of  the East India Company.  Historically, the company was responsible for the British colonization of India.  Today, it is owned by Indian businessman, Sanjiv Mehta.  The subtitle asks, “Can Sanjiv Mehta turn history on its head—and make a tidy profit in the process?”  Read the story by clicking here.

3. Sobriquets for scholars, OxfordWord blog, Katherine Connor Martin

This is a fun little post about the history of the words we use to describe college students–“freshman” is older than you think!  From “fresher” to “frosh”, this a nifty tribute to the beginning of the school year.  Read it by clicking here.

4. Spanish Inquisition, Urbanite, Clinton MacSherry

Wine and travel lovers will enjoy this ode to Spain’s libations.  A newly invigorated wine industry has stepped up to join the best in fermented beverages.  Read about MacSherry’s journey by clicking here.

5. America’s Game brings out the fan in America’s Presidents,, Aron Angel

The NFL’s website posted this brief photo essay about our presidents and our game.  View it by clicking here.

6. The Word of the Lord Is Upon Me: The Righteous Performance of Martin Luther King, Jr., C-SPAN2 BOOKTV, Jonathan Rieder

Author Jonathan Rieder gives a talk based on his book, examining some of King’s less famous works and words.  You can watch the presentation on by clicking here.

7. The Enigma of Joseph Heller, The New York Times, Blake Bailey

I have never been able to read Catch 22.  I have tried and every time I am driven to toss it aside for something else to read.  I respect its place in American literature, but cannot embrace it.  Having said that, I find the story of its author more interesting.  Blake Bailey reviews two biographies about Heller, one written by his daughter.  To read it click here.

8.  Frozen Grape Sangria,, The Neelys

Finally, let me send you off on your long weekend with a nifty sounding sangria recipe.  It’s Labor Day, people, do it right.  Find the recipe by clicking here.


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