Brush off the Dust Best of the Web – 8/22-8/26/11

1. The Real Story of Globalization


The Columbian exchange of ecology is thought by many scholars to be one of the key markers of the modern era.  Author Charles C. Mann explains the effects of earthworm stowaways and the introduction of potatoes.  A look at the unintentional transfers in the Age of Discovery, read it by clicking here.

2. 20 Celebrities with Stunning Home Libraries

You want to take a look at this for the pictures.  This is an impressive collection of celebrity home libraries–bibliophiles unite! (and drool…)  The article looks at the libraries of rockers, authors and actors.  Ogle at them by clicking here.

3. Q and A: Smithsonian’s Elizabeth Cottrell on the Virginian Earthquake

East Coast earthquake epicenter map

As we prepare for Hurricane Irene, Smithsonian Seismologist explains the Virginia Earthquake.  Read the interview by clicking here.

4. Fiscal Woe haunting Baltimore Poe House

This article about the Poe house in Baltimore ran earlier in August.  Its publication may have actually spurred a response that can help save the literary relic and Baltimore landmark.  Read about the challenges by clicking here.

5. Scientific American: Cities


Science rag, Scientific American, is profiling the importance of urban environments moving forward.  Take a look at some of the things they want us to think about for the future by clicking here.

6. Ronald Reagan and Moammar Qadhafi

Moammar Qadhafi 1986

As I write this, Reuters is reporting that British jets are striking Qadhafi’s bunker.  Smithsonian went into its archives and pulled out these Reagan statements from twenty-five years ago regarding his decisions and battles with the longtime dictator of Libya.  Read about it by clicking here.

7. How to Maximize Limited Time on an International Trip


With all the lovely weather, folks on the east coast may be ready to leave town for a little extra R&R before summer is officially over.  BootsnAll Travel has some recommendations for maximizing your time on international trips.  Read them by clicking here.

8. Six Short Reads to Read During a Hurricane


Care of The New Yorker’s book-people, are six great reads for your battened down weekend and the impending Irene.  Read on by clicking here.


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