Brush off the Dust Best of the Web, 8/14-8/19/11

1.  Monsters of more than the midway

Is football one of the things that is wrong with this country?  In the Chicago Tribune, Allen R. Sanderson argues that football’s supremacy over baseball as America’s pastime is part of what is wrong with this country.  Football has a detrimental effect on this country, he argues, on everything from municipal governments to cultural mores.  Read it by clicking here.

2.  The Deadliest Dieseases [Info-graphic]

Very simply an info-graphic which breaks down the worse pandemics in human history.  Some of the deadly diseases we face do not have solid numbers but they are nonetheless represented.  To take quick look at the diseases humanity has faced, by the numbers click here.

3. Sending the police before there’s a crime

Have you ever seen the movie, Minority Report?  Well, the future is here!  A new computer program is sending the police to locations based on the high probability that a crime will take place… and there are arrests being made.  It is an interesting and controversial program; read about it by clicking here.

4. 6 of history’s greatest art heists and scams


If you are a fan of White Collar or The Thomas Crown Affair, then you, like Neil Caffery, probably love a good art heist.  Mental Floss has the 6 best in this book review; read about them by clicking here.

5. The Rise of Global English

This is a fascinating piece about the evolution of English in the wide world of business from a Oxford English Dictionary’s post.  It starts with the observation that non-native English speakers were more effective than their British and American counter-parts in business discussions.  Read more about the development of English in the world by clicking here.


6.  Bike Lanes ‘Round the World


From the travel blog by Sarah Estermen on Wend, comes a great post with a fabulous photo collection of bike lanes around the world.  This is eye-candy if you like 1) traveling and 2) biking.  Check it out by clicking here.


7. Lost Dr. Seuss stories to be published in September


Dr. Seuss fans, UNITE!  September will come in bringing Fall, school supplies and more Dr. Seuss stories!  Read about it by clicking here.


7.  The Body on Somerton Beach

This is another brain-tickler, in unsolved criminal history.  A man is found dead on a beach and no one can account for him or how he died.  The more details that were found out, the more perplexing the case became!  Read this excellent synopsis from the Smithsonian’s “Imperfect History” blog by click here.


8. The Berlin Wall Sickness that still plagues people today

Suburban houses, divided by the wall

A particular aversion to enclosed spaces that is not just your ordinary claustrophobia lingers for residents in Berlin.  This is a timely and sensitive piece from the BBC about the psychological effects of the Berlin Wall on the people who had to live with it.  Read it by clicking here.


9.  People say the darnedest things to get out of jury duty

So, if you were called for jury duty, would you go?  If you didn’t want anything to do with this civic duty, how far would you go to get out of it?  The Capital of Annapolis, MD, has shared some of the most astonishing (and entertaining) excuses people have used to skirt the court’s request.  Read it by clicking here.


10.  Sticking it to China

A Georgia factory is making chop-sticks for China.  Take that!  Read about it by clicking here.


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