A little overhaul! Some cool new things to come!

I am back in the United States and it is so on! The blog will get a lot more attention then it has and some great things are in planning. Here are some things to look for:

This should be a fun and interesting weekly post that may get a little edgy at times just for spice, but mostly is supposed entertain and expand our collective vocabularies! I hope to dig up some cool origin history or myth-bust some tall tales, too. It is also supposed to be relatively light, so expect mostly secondary work.

This will post will surface at the end with cool online discoveries–reviews, articles, opinion pieces, photography, etc. Subject matter will span genre and fields, but will all be super nifty stuff to check out.

This will be in addition to the usual categories I already cover. Occasionally, a week will be devoted to one topic, otherwise it will be the travel, cultural and literary history-themed material that is the halmark of "Brush off the Dust! History now!"

New posts coming THIS WEEK!


Erika Franz, M.A.


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