Life’s transitions…

This week marks the first time in a few years where I have no immediate teaching plans in my future.  Instead I am taking a full time position on trial at my other job (Advantage Book Binding), where I will simultaneously be phone and mail (i.e. bills) person, marketing director, researcher and writer (in order of tasks that interest me least to greatest).

While I will be doing a lot of mundane market research, I will also have the opportunity to explore the history of the book and book production.  Hopefully, I will get to be as much a historian and a writer as anything else.  It does mean that my posts will probably tend more towards the “Historian’s Journal” category than either the education or academic.  Perhaps a new category will emerge!  (Regardless, I have to update all my profiles: here at the blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.!)

Assuming all goes well, this will put me in contact with some very cool research institutions where I will really get to dig into some interesting stuff!  For example, I look forward to collaborating with the Walter’s Gallery and its manuscript collection–a really fantastic collection.  Their interest naturally leads them to be experts on the book.  But, only time will reveal what lies ahead, and best laid plans be damned!

Speaking of the Walter’s Gallery, keep an eye out for my next post from the lecture about the Book of Kells!


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