Thinking about our troops

The author and her brother at the Baltimore-Washington Airport the night he deployed to Afghanistan.

In the wake Osama bin Laden’s demise in Pakistan, it is sobering to think that life is not going to get easier for our troops overseas–indeed, it may get worse.  I cannot prognosticate: I am not smart enough and I do not have enough facts, anyway.  With family and friends still committed abroad, it is easy to wonder and worry.

How America celebrated bin Laden’s death: A slideshow – The Week.

I am not sure how I should react.  Admittedly, this is likely due in large part to the fact that I went to bed early and woke up to get on Facebook and read everyone’s reactions to the news before I had actually “gotten the news”.  It has just been so long since 9/11…  It is not that I find bin Laden’s death problematic, but I do worry about what comes next.

So, in thinking about our troops I think it might be a good time to consider the little things we can do for them.  Don’t stop sending your care-packages!  There are lots of opportunities, but I am sharing a few from my walk of life.  Below are links to enable one to get books from our shores to foreign shores in theater (aka: war zones).  It is just a simple opportunity to ease the tedium or the chaos for our troops.

Signing off let me first wish all the troops a safe return and let me thank the Navy SEALs who bravely engaged the enemy and won.


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