NHL embraces history

The greatest playoff competition in the world is going on right now.  It is the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs!  This format is a newer one–a team must win four games against each of four opponents to have the right to lift Lord Stanley’s Cup–but the trophy is the same old and storied cup.

Few sports embrace their history quite like ice hockey players and the NHL do, but this year, their entire marketing campaign for the playoffs is centered around the sport’s great historical playoff moments.  In addition, the league has a separate site devoted to the top 64 Stanley Cup playoff moments: http://history.nhl.com/.  Here you can watch and vote on the 64 best moments set up in a tournament style playoff.

Photo credit: Scotty Hockey blog

It is a brilliant way to expose new fans to some of the games most exhilarating moments and its rich history.  Going back to days before the “Original Six”, Lord Stanley’s Cup has been given to hockey’s champions.  It is the only trophy that spends a day with each teammate on the winning team and the only one that has ever ended up in Mario Lemieux’s swimming pool.

Sports buffs are history fans!  Just ask the NHL!

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