Pictures for People Text: Visual Multiples and their Role as Supporting Tools for the Democratic Process

Pictures for People Text, is a lecture from Yale’s (2001) Tercentennial celebration lecture series.  (Click on the title in the previous sentence to follow the link to the actual lecture.)  The lecture, from the series entitlted Democratic Vistas, the Devane Lecture Series – One Enduring Idea, Fifteen Revealing Perspectives, is as much about images as communication and symbol as it is about democracy.

It is part of a larger celebration at Yale:

About the Tercentennial

In 1701, the collegiate institution that would soon become Yale was founded. To celebrate the 300th anniversary of this event, President Levin convened a group including faculty, students, administrators and Fellows of the Corporation to develop guiding principles for the programs of the Tercentennial Year. Every school, museum and academic center has responded by creating special exhibitions, publications or symposia.

The official opening of the anniversary was Saturday, October 21, 2000 when Yale opened its doors to the public. Thousands enjoyed this daylong celebration which included tours, exhibits, hands-on demonstrations and special events for children and families. Click here for a photo tour. View two 60-second film clips of the day’s highlights click here.

The events continued with the Alumni Leadership Convocation April 19-22, 2001. The weekend allowed alumni leaders to “Go to Yale” again and choose from an array of lectures, panels and workshops. Over 1,400 attendees chose among 50 different sessions, which included topics as diverse as modern business ethics, cartooning, Yale’s rowing history, sexual harrassment law, as well as a tutorial on how to conduct the end of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. Former President George H.W. Bush ’48 took part in the weekend speaking on “Yale and Public Service.” Click hereto view his speech as well other lectures given over the weekend.

There have been many other events commemorating Yale’s Tercentennial over the course of the year. Democratic Vistas: The William C. DeVane Lecture Series began in January and continued on a weekly basis through May, seeking to explore the current condition and the future prospects of democracy with its audience of students and New Haven residents. This September, the DeVane Series continues as “Ideals Without Ideologies: Yale’s Contribution to Modern Architecture.” Other lecture series included “In the Company of Scholars” given by alumni of Yale’s graduate schools, the Tetelman Lectures, which have brought distinguished scientists and engineers to campus, as well as events sponsored by the Women Faculty Forum…

This yearlong anniversary culminated the weekend of October 5-7. On the afternoon of October 5th, members of the Yale community, returning alumni, and representatives from sister institutions processed to Yale’s Cross Campus for a convocation commemorating the University’s founding. Events took place at the Yale Bowl on the afternoon and evening of Friday October 5. A two-day symposium titled “Democratic Vistas, Global Perspectives,” which included some lectures from last semester’s DeVane course also took place over the weekend. The weekend drew to a close with Yale’s first ever Sunday football game against Dartmouth University.

While this provides context for the lecture series, this particular lecture stands nicely on its own!  Read and look at all the images provided!


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