Historian’s Journal – an Introduction

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This is the first installment of my other blog type–the one under the category “Historian’s Journal”!  For the most part, this is not so much me on my soapbox, rather, it is me walking the walk–I hope!–and brushing off history, digging up the fun and the interesting, leaving the dull and brittle with Coach Yester in my 10th grade history classroom!  In it I hope to share, in a more typical blog style, perhaps, my travels, my research projects, my reviews of museums or articles, the odd but interesting news story or magazine article, the occasional how-to-project (typically related to research I imagine, like cracking the LOC–Library of Congress–or accessing special collections) and related volunteer projects (as in history related).

Henry Jones working on the Grail Diary (The Last Crusade)

Its name, “Historian’s Journal,” is inspired by [imagined?] images of antiquarian journals from someone traipsing through the world in the latter days of the British Empire, because so much of everywhere was British–sun never sinking on it and all–and it was popular to be knowledgeable about everything.  Picture the Grail Diary from the third Indiana Jones (for which there exists an entire website and merchandise!)–but not so narrowly focused!  Maybe the image of Dumbledore’s office, in a book, or, rather, a blog?  I love the tactile connection of a real book–especially a journal!  I have something of a journal fetish, in fact, given the number that are lying around or boxed in my abode. (The revival of the Moleskine journal on the market has had a somewhat costly effect on my finances!)   So, this is a slightly unusual undertaking for me, but I am nonetheless excited to do something so uniquely mine and share it with everyone who visits.

Harry in Dumbledore's office for the first time (Chamber of Secrets)

Unlike my other blog category, “Historian’s Journal” is intended to have more frequent entries and be more akin to an actual journal.  Someday someone could use this as a primary source to learn about my culture and my interests–God help them!–which I imagine will require them to have a great deal more computer skills than many of us historian types, as I am not leaving a paper trail but a digital one.  For someone like me trying to fathom a digital trail is a philosophical exercise.  The vagaries of computer code resemble nothing so much as a grand existential riddle . . one I cannot solve . . yet.

This is an opportunity for me to play, ruminate and occasionally pontificate, but I hope it is the sort of thing that you would want to share with me and engage in a dialogue with me about it all.  Given that I currently live on the edge of Baltimore, many of my entries will likely bear a distinct D.C.-MD flavor to them, but my interests and journeys take me far from the shores of the Inner Harbor on the Chesapeake (journeys, being hampered by practical things like budgets, are not always of a physical nature–another reason I like history: more ways to take a journey than I can afford otherwise!!).

I promise, here and now, to do everything by the book, despite the venue.  By this I mean, I will always give you a source when it is appropriate and I will always be clear when an idea is not my own.  As has been said by many great minds in history: if I contribute anything useful, I do so because I stand on the shoulders of giants!  So, enjoy my contributions and share your comments!



Decorative relief from the Basilica of St. John, Ephesus, Turkey

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